Conference Programme

Gender Generation: The creative process in art & design

Thursday, 8 Sep 2016

9:00-9:30    Registration and coffee/tea

9:30-10:15   Welcome and introduction- Hermione Wiltshire, Dr Elena Marchevska, Dr Claire Pajaczkowska.

10:15-11:15   Keynote: Prof Carol Mavor

11:15-11:30   Coffee break

11:30-1:15     Parallel panels:

                      Panel 1: Thresholds (process+materials) Jules Findley, Alison Mercer, Sarah Irvin and Alice Tuppen-Corps

                      Panel 2: Gaze: Iwona Koscielecka, Kathryn Pallant and Prof Rebecca Fortnum, Dr Esther Teichmann

1:15-2:15       Lunch

2:15-3:00       Keynote: Lenka Clayton in dialogue with Dr Lisa Baraitser

3:15 – 4:45    Parallel panels:

                       Panel 3: Gendered Identification and principles: Liv Pennington, Penny Davis

                       Panel 4: Subjectivity/Performativity:  Ai Hasegawa with Mo-Ling Chui, Paula McCloskey with Sam Vardy (a place of their own) and Rose Gibbs

4:45-5:30     Wine and snacks

5:30-8:00    Special event: Screening ‘No Home Movie’ by Chantal Akerman presented by Dr Claire Pajaczkowska

Friday, 9 Sep 2016

9:30-11:00  Parallel panels:

                     Panel 5: Architecture/gendered space: Alex Schweder and Dr Harriet Harriss

                     Panel 6: Gendered pedagogies: Helen Knowles, Felicity Allen and Clare Bottomley

11:00-11:15  Coffee break

11:15-12:45  Key Note: Dr Andrea Liss

1:00-2:00    Lunch

2:00-3:00    Group critics led by conference organisers addressing works in Gender Generation exhibition

3:10-4:00     Curatorial round table chaired by Rose Gibbs in conversation with Jaime Marie Davis, Francesca Gavin and Irene Revell.

4:00-5:00    Final conference plenary: Dr Claire Pajaczkowska

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